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Get relief from pain and feel great today.

Every client receives a customized treatment using unique combinations of the modalities that the practitioner has been trained in as well as intuitively guided therapy.

We provide a space devoted to being completely present and focused on your well-being. We support and care for our clients with open hearts and healing hands. The therapeutic services provided, facilitate the body's own natural healing process. The benefits of these healing modalities are compounded when massage and bodywork are utilized frequently.

The importance of good alignment and structure:

The pull of gravity is greater on any structure, including the human body, that is not in good balance. If the line of thrust is centered on the joints, the resulting pull will be equal on all of the muscles, and will allow for the greatest possible freedom of movement. The body that is well-aligned works with gravity, rather than against it. An unbalanced alignment of weights strains the muscles, which must contract against the pull of gravity. This results in fatigue, restriction of movement, and even more serious problems if the condition persists.
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